Coke Studio has always been a platform where musicians from different genres come together to collab and create original music tracks for their fans. To celebrate this spirit of collisions, Coke Studio transformed the analog canvas of a vinyl, a historically audio medium, into a multi-sensorial audio-visual one.


Working with illustrators Vanilla Chi, Rakhmat Jaka, Mathieu Labrecque, the Vinyls are peppered with easter eggs only authentic fans can appreciate. Unboxed by the artists, the Vinyls were also sent to publishers, DJs, fans, musicians and even became clips on Spotify and record stores, making Coke Studio the top-of-mind platform for music lovers in Asia.

Role : Concept / Art direction / Copywriting

Agency: Ogilvy Singapore


The One Show – 5 Merits (Craft, Art Direction, Experiential, Design, Brand Entertainment)