OOHA is an unknown challenger soda launching in Thailand.

Every sip an explosion of 2 flavours, but how do you make noise about a brand amongst Gen Z when they’ve never heard of it or care about it?


 We made the brand famous, by making the brand name famous, all through owning the expression that best describes the visceral reaction of drinking OOHA for the first time. This series of short films feature in no particular order: thirsty monkeys, owl cowboys, pink ninjas and salty tennis champs, all going OOOOOOHAAAAA and turning it into an earworm. An endless meme. A catchy song stuck in your head. Turn the sound on and OOOOOOOOOOHAAA!

Role: Concept / Art Direction / Copywriting

Agency: Ogilvy Singapore


Clio – Silver (Audio / Sonic Branding)