JoyClub, a dating social adult network, want to open the conversation about sexual freedom.

We thought the best way to do that is by taking advantage from the most a known symbol of secure relationships: the love locks, to unlock the minds of people. Special Joyclub padlocks were placed next to existent locks at Hohenzollern Bridge, in Cologne to unlock minds about threesomes, foursomes and sexual freedom in general. The Joyclub padlocks had the key inside, so people can decide what they want to do with them: Open up to a new fetish, unlock their relationship, connect their lock to another or just take it home as a giveaway. By using the QR code attached, they could find out more about opening their relationship too.

To spread the word, we created a whole collection of posters with strong messages to be shared in a sexual freedom public demonstration.

Role: Concept/ Copywriting / Art direction / Design

Agency: BBDO Group Germany